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A Stronger Finance

for a Better World

Approaching Global Finance as a way

to better serve the Community is

the ultimate Mission of Fair Invest Trading

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Our Company

Fair Invest Trading

We consider the Power of the Global Financial Sector as a true Opportunity to better serve the Community.


Focusing on the Forex market and after more than 6 man-years of Research and 7 of Development, we are proud to announce the availability of our unrivalled Trading Solution that combines high Performance and low Risk.


Fair Invest Trading is fully committed to its Community Social Responsibility and as such will redistribute 30% of its Top Line results to humanitarian Foundations and environmental NGOs .


Located in Luxembourg, Fair Invest Trading makes Melody100©, its trading method and software, available to global financial Players.


We are proud to offer our Clients secured and ethical investments.

Our Key Differntiators
Our Key Differentiators

Our Vision 

The traditional Technical Analysis approach may not be the ultimate trading solution for top financial performances. 

We identified a need and a place for a disruptive approach and have developed Melody100©,  a fully automated trading robot.  

Our Method

Melody100©  is based on the driving premise  that the Trading market is a  closed system which behaviour can be modelised via  a series of mathematical laws. 


Melody100©  is essentially based on the graph theory and the combinatorial analysis and our latest model integrates more than 100 innovative concepts.  

Melody100©  is currently tuned for the Intraday market at the M1 (minute) frequency. We trade in a continuous mode following upward and downward market trends for any Security (currencies, index, raw material, shares).  


Most important, we deliver unparalleled performances with minimum risks even during periods of high market volatility. ​ 

The current State and future Developments

Melody100©   being validated and anchored on a series of fundamental laws, we shall now start evaluating performances on frequencies lower than M1 and later on explore the market of Futures. 

Predictive Performances

Predictable Performances

Melody100© delivers predictable performances for any Security while providing a fully controlled risk approach (1) . Its performance is measured as the annual return over the risk of maximum financial loss.


For Liquidity Provider clients (2) the performance ratio of Melody100©

will range between 15 and 150 for most (3) of the Securities .

Notes :

  1. Clients will set in Melody100©  their level of acceptable risk, resulting in prorated annual returns.

  2. For non Liquidity Provider clients, the net performance for any Security will be adjusted based on their actual cost for the Security.

  3. For Securities with low or exceptionally high volatility, we may experience a significant erosion of the performance.

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L-8069 Bertrange


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